My Search for Community

My fourth column for Catapult, about searching for community and likeness, is live: “That’s when I realized how deeply I had been searching for more than a label to bridge the disconnect I felt. I had been searching for others like us. Perhaps, longing to see myself in the story, hungry to find a place […]

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In One Day

In one day in 2015, I learned these three things: I was pregnant. There were no genetic answers for Tophs’s challenges. There was a genetic finding we weren’t looking for. I wrote about Tophs’s medical history here–about searching for causes of his growth failure, hypoglycemia, and developmental challenges. I didn’t write that in one phone […]

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Dark Swallows

As you know, I don’t normally write fiction. But I challenged myself to write a snippet for the Writer’s Eye Contest at UVA in 2015, and this is what came out: “We live and die by them shadows,” she said. She pointed as though the sun had melted into a pile of butter along her […]

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