Crowned Queen of Colostrum

I wasn’t going to blog. I was going to stay in my baby cave, where my responsibilities center on pumping and sanitizing nipples (not mine, Dr. Brown’s). I’m pumping because Christopher has declared a state of independence. He’s his own man, won’t be attached to anyone’s chest. Won’t be called a mama’s boy. They tried […]

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Don’t Let That Baby Catch Cold

I did it. After years of making fun of black friends and strangers in grocery stores and parking lots, I did it. I overdressed Eliot. You see, African Americans have a long and cherished—and even mildly dangerous—tradition of layering their babies. It’s true. I found this related quote in an Ohio newspaper from 1898: “I […]

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Pooping with Rick James

Man, you think you’ve seen it all after having a baby. I’ve changed the diapers, I’ve caught the spit up, I’ve even picked the boogers out with my bare pinky. And I do it out of love. Anything for Elie Mae. But there are times when I find EM pushing the limits just for the […]

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