Let Him Hold You

ABSTRACT: Tophs’ successful surgery imbued him with special powers that must be harnessed. It also improved his quickstep. FULL TEXT: It begins with an innocuous shuffle in the grocery store. He unleashes the power of the Broken Eagle Wing dance by bending one arm so that the elbow points ahead like a compass. Where the […]

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Never Alone

My sister Sienna gave me a quarter-sized silver frog back in high school. I think it came attached to a birthday card. I don’t believe in good luck or its charms, but I kept that frog in the back pocket of my jeans every day until it got lost in the wash. I would take […]

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In Elie’s Words

Sometimes words are corny or trite until they hit your ears at just the right moment. Become your revelation. Elie Mae likes to watch me cook. She stands on a stool in the kitchen and asks to stir batter or pour water or sprinkle cheese. Monday morning, as she was stirring an ice cube into […]

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The Tophs-est with the Mostest

I’m feeding all the gender stereotypes. Forgive me. But you’ve gotta meet this kid. At two years of age, he wears size six-to-twelve-month pants, swan dives off the growth chart, and eats peanut butter crackers before bed to keep his glucose up. Yet my son, Tophs, trots around like he’s got the pecs of Zac […]

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Last Big Mom on Campus column

“In one trip, I would both say goodbye to Anne and meet my newborn niece, Mynne. The space where I grieved would be the space where I adored perfect eyelids and nostrils so small you could miss them.” Read my last Big Mom on Campus column here. Thank you so much for taking this journey […]

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Big Mom on Grief

“The tough part about being healthy enough to hurt is that you hurt. So I need Jesus calling forth Lazarus. I need the grave clothes tucked in the corner for another time, because this time doesn’t feel like it should be the end.” This was a difficult column for me to write. Please feel free […]

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