Selected Works

Parents (2021): 4 Moms on the Postpartum “Flaws” They Actually Love

Catapult (2020): Whiteness Can’t Save Us

Washington Post (2019): How Virginia’s Blackface Photos Make Me Again Wonder How Much to Tell My Kids

Washington Post (2018): Why My First-Grader Doesn’t Need a Whitewashed Plantation Field Trip

Catapult Column (2017/2018): What Genes Can’t Tell Us

The Cut (2017): Should I Have a Mastectomy for My Children’s Sake?

Catapult (2017): Talking to My Daughter About Charlottesville

Washington Post (2017): My Daughter Is the Reason I Wear My Hair Curly

Narratively (2016): My Son’s Mystery Medical Condition and Our Family’s Brave New World

The Nonfiction Podcast (2016): My Son’s Mystery Medical Condition and our Family’s Brave New World

YouTube (2015): This Is My Brave DC Show

The Toast (2015): Un-Thorned: Fear, Faith, and the Genes Between

McSweeney’s Column (2012/2013): Big Mom on Campus: Raising Two Kids in a College Dorm 

NPR (2009): Children’s Hair Care Doesn’t Come Naturally