On How to Feel

I had a dream the other night. A nightmare, really, in which I received a phone call from Paul that broke my chest wide open, as if my ribs were but papier-mâché, my lungs a dangling diorama. “Do you know where Elie is?” he asked. “Tell me you’re kidding,” I said. “Isn’t she with you?” […]

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Last Big Mom on Campus column

“In one trip, I would both say goodbye to Anne and meet my newborn niece, Mynne. The space where I grieved would be the space where I adored perfect eyelids and nostrils so small you could miss them.” Read my last Big Mom on Campus column here. Thank you so much for taking this journey […]

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Big Mom on Grief

“The tough part about being healthy enough to hurt is that you hurt. So I need Jesus calling forth Lazarus. I need the grave clothes tucked in the corner for another time, because this time doesn’t feel like it should be the end.” This was a difficult column for me to write. Please feel free […]

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